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Spring Qigong at the Zen Den

Spring is approaching. Though the winter itself has seemed short, our activity has just been constrained for a long and turbulent year. This spring, the time of new birth and the awakening of activity, feels like a long awaited one as we struggle to get back to a more normal and active lifestyle. Spring is also the season of the wood element. Yang energy increases and stirs the dormant earth with new growth upward and outward just as morning disperses the sleep of night. This is the best time to start waking up early and receiving the morning sunshine, but still a time to retire early and rest for the next day. This is also the best time of year to begin a new project or adventure. But beware of an exaggeration of our symptoms of frustration or anger when things don’t go smoothly. If you are feeling extra impatient or irritable lately, or your neck is stiffening up at record speed, come in for an acupuncture treatment to ease the tension. If you are looking for a new adventure to begin this spring, consider trying a Qigong class at the Zen Den. I will be teaching “Qigong Fundamentals for the Beginner” and “Qigong: Eight Pieces of Brocade” starting Sundays this spring. Both are 6-week courses, limit number of students per course to allow for safe social distancing. Please contact the office for details if you are interested in learning new ways to improve your health and calm your mind. May you all enjoy this spring and be rejuvenated with new growth!

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