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Is Acupuncture compatible with other types of health care? Absolutely. Acupuncture will not interfere with other treatments you are currently receiving. Acupuncture is meant to compliment Western medicine. It is important you continue to take any medications you are currently prescribed. We advise you talk with your doctor if any new illness or injury occurs. 


What forms of payment do you take? Do you take insurance? We ask that you make payments at the time service is rendered. Debit cards, HSA/FSA cards cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment. 

We currently do not contract with any insurance companies. Some insurance companies will cover Acupuncture as an “out of network” benefit. If your insurance covers Acupuncture, we are happy to provide you with a receipt of service to be submitted for reimbursement. 


What should I do before and after my treatment? Make sure you have eaten within two hours before your treatment. Vigorous exercise is not advised prior to treatment. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. Try to relax after your treatment and set aside time to rest if necessary. 


What should I wear? Please wear loose comfortable clothing for your treatment. If needed, a cover-up will be provided, as it may be necessary to have access to various parts of the body. Draping is provided to ensure comfort during the treatment. During Community Acupuncture we will only access areas below the elbows and knees to ensure your comfort and privacy. 


How many treatments will I need? Each person is a unique individual and treated accordingly. Therefore the amount of treatment needed varies. This may depend on whether or not your symptoms are acute or chronic in nature, your lifestyle, attitude and involvement in your own healing process. Acupuncture, done regularly, produces the best results. We have included Community Acupuncture at our center to make acupuncture more affordable and accessible to maximize treatment results. Your Acupuncturist will discuss a course of treatment on your first visit and what treatment options are best for you. 


What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment? We kindly request 24 hours notice on all cancellations to offer your time slot to another client. Of course life challenges us, and it may not always be possible to give advanced notice. We ask that you please call if you can not make your appointment. You can also cancel your appointment using our online scheduling system. Just log into your account and select “My Appointments”. You can then cancel or change your appointment and a notification will be sent directly to your acupuncturist. Cancellations less than 6 hours are subject to a late cancellation fee. 


Can I have acupuncture if I am pregnant? Please advise your practitioner if you are or are trying to become pregnant. Acupuncture is extremely safe before, during and after pregnancy. However, specific areas will be avoided to insure your utmost care. 


What does acupuncture feel like? People experience acupuncture differently, but minimal or no pain is felt while the needles are inserted. Many people describe sensations around the needle location such as warmth, tingling, energy, coolness, and heaviness. These sensations are normal and indicate the circulation of energy at these specific points. You are asked not to move any part of your body while the needles are in place. If you need to adjust your position please ask your acupuncturist and they will help you. We also have extra pillows and blankets to keep you as comfortable as possible. Treatment will leave some people feeling energized while others may be completely relaxed. Either way, your specific treatment will create harmony and balance in your energy system allowing your own body to heal itself naturally. 


How does acupuncture work? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health is described as a state of overall balance of energy. Therefore, when one experiences symptoms of disease, their energy is said to be “out of balance.” Acupuncture helps by stimulating points along the energy pathways, allowing “qi” (pronounced chee) or energy to flow freely, ultimately restoring balance and optimal health. Most often the stimulation is with the gentle insertion of thin sterile needles into the indicated points. Other means of stimulating the points include warming the points using moxabustion (the burning of the Chinese herb mugwort), manual pressure and other massage like techniques including gua sha, tuina and cupping. Sometimes gentle electrical stimulation, magnets, or ear seeds can be used to enhance the stimulation and treatment results. Your treatments are tailored specifically for you and may include a combination of these Acupuncture techniques. 





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