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HypnoAcupuncture – An Amazing Combination

Hypnosis with Michelle Leonard on the PEMF mat or Biomat; One - on - One Private Session combined with an acupuncture treatment.

Hypno-Acupuncture is a multidimensional therapeutic treatment combination. It has been found that combining the two modalities can make them both more effective: ‘Hypno-acupuncture does not just bring the two components together; it makes each of the modalities more effective and multiples healing results.

By targeting both the body and the mind simultaneously through the healing power of synergism. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are!

By adding hypnosis to an acupuncture session, our clients mind cooperates with the treatment and trusts it; believes in moving forward towards their desired outcomes. The body is aware of this trust and belief. There is open communication, and as a result, cells throughout the body participate in a healing response.

Acupuncture stimulates healing by focusing on specific points along meridians in the body. Whereas clinical hypnosis focuses the subconscious mind and seeds of thoughts are planted that bring about positive change.

With Hypno-Acupuncture we ensure a stronger mind - body connection to help a client heal. With this powerful healing combination: The mind contributes to getting well, the mind doesn't contribute to getting sick, The body is in constant communication with the mind. This communication benefits both the physical and mental health aspects of wellbeing.

Combining the two therapies into one both concentrates and intensifies the effects and the results that you may get from one alone. By improving the body and mind at the same time, it helps the patient to be able to make progress faster and easier.

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